Cooking For the SVdP Dining Room

One of the ways that Kitchen of Champions’ Trainees get real-world culinary practice is working under Chef Dorsey to help prepare the meals served in the SVdP Free Dining Room.

The cohort has been cooking meals in the Dining Room since week one, so at this point they are pros! QueToday’s main dish is Chicken and Corn Chowder. Below Chef Dorsey gives the trainees in charge of the soup advice on seasoning.

chefgivingadvice The Soup Team (pictured below) explained to me that they started the soup with a Béchemel sauce, one of the five mother sauces. This simple fact connects their classroom work to the kitchen with ease.

soupteamThe Production Manager and Assistant Production Manager (pictured below) are keeping everyone on schedule. They explain: “Everything needs to be ready at 10:30am!”

productionmanager&assistnatAnd not only was the food ready at 10:30am but, as the Soup Team said, “it’s the bomb!”


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