Kitchen of Champions in the News!

The Kitchen of Champions was featured in the July 22nd Oakland Local article: “Kitchen of Champions program trains Oakland workers in culinary trades.” Here are my three favorite quotations from the piece:

  1. “I love to cook, period. I would cook everyday of my life if people would let me. I also like to serve people. I like to see them smile when they eat my food.” – Trainee Millicent Crossley
  2.  “I feel a lot more confidence in myself. My kids look at me when I come home, ‘Daddy’s a cook, he’s a chef.’ Family feels a lot better, and it’s boosted my energy level,” – Trainee Lorenzo Paige
  3. “One of the things I love about working with the program is the diversity of the people we serve…There are people changing careers, displaced, homeless and low income people. It’s a really deep range.” – Culinary Service Coordinator Nic Ming

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