Hire a Graduate

Kitchen of Champions graduates are well-trained and ready to go to work! With your help, more than 70% of Kitchen of Champions graduates have gained employment after program completion. Kitchen of Champions graduates are pre-screened and have current referrals. Core competencies have been demonstrated and evaluated through intensive classroom and on-the-job training and experience.

To consider a Kitchen of Champions graduate for current or future job openings, please contact jobtraining@svdp-alameda.org or 510-877-9212.

Do you have a job available for a Kitchen of Champions Graduate? Please send us the details and someone in the Workforce Programs will get in touch with you!

Demonstrated Employability Assets

Each Kitchen of Champions graduate has completed our intensive 12 week training program. Each individual is prescreened for employability assets including:

  • Current track record of reliability and stability
  • Current references and support network
  • Timely, organized and efficient
  • Good communications and team focus
  • Working “clean, neat and complete”
  • Working with the sense of urgency
  • Maintaining high customer service standards
  • Asking questions and checking for understanding

Solid, Comprehensive Training

Kitchen of Champions graduates are qualified at and above entry-level for the food service industry. Each graduate has been extensively trained for food handling, safety and sanitation and are comfortable in multiple food service situations.

Kitchen of Champions students have worked and trained alongside a professional chef producing up to 1000 nutritious bulk meals each day in the Kitchen of Champions kitchen. They have also worked for St. Vincent de Paul catering and up to 128 three course gourmet meals each quarter at Kitchen of Champions’ Guest Chef Night event.

Back-of-the-House Training Includes:

  • Proper food storage
  • Safe food handling
  • Team work
  • Knife skills
  • Kitchen safety
  • Quantity cooking
  • Serving skills
  • Kitchen vocabulary
  • Prep work
  • Kitchen math
  • Inventory procedures
  • Specialty cuisine
  • Soups, Sauces, Salads
  • Catering
  • Quality Control
  • Consistency
  • Leadership
  • Line cooking

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