Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos

After learning about nutrition from the 18 Reasons crew, the Cohort put their new knowledge into practice by preparing nutritious Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos with guacamole and cabbage slaw.

yrIDdaDFd0BFkthLdV8ADjwgkd2A526X1g6TgADTCxUICUnceo4dcA0JkHRe5US6yA=w1600An instructor reviews the knife skills covered earlier in the Kitchen of Champions program.

6m1OHPINu2AhMI91iyLYmiu456awFAptozbsCoFtb0V8tu64fES8zvuk9jtXjD-q1g=w1600Going over the recipe for the cabbage slaw.

YIi9rxBqFRoj6ghZeEwbUZ24DMI1XilDF6VhwTp75HJSjeWG6bnLKv6c8lK0Y8YFxg=w1600My favorite part – the guacamole!

BliTiTsu8XcST1CyO_4PCzu7SX_2NtIviR7SvCKmMau7zGlRxi4e9OT-oFmUhChktw=w1600The finished cabbage slaw.

A56kw5ACPFQNlxnJzZNrnDkLm_D3Uc0NxJkZBghM-O_eDnPWLxvPShfd9qUx2bDqaA=w1600Time to taste.

52v0Jk9W1Odu_hmkKOyDm7mj1_JI1l9ZXm3O2tN7Rm6XK8Wi1bGjVhAmvOylC1ly0w=w1600The colorful and flavorful finished product! Thank you, 18 Reasons.


What We Cook Matters

Does boiling vegetables decrease their nutrition content? What vegetables have Vitamin A? How do I cook this funny looking vegetable? Last week our new cohort of Kitchen of Champions trainees learned the answers as they began Cooking Matters with the help of our community partner 18 reasons. 

JTR60DTg8uwJQMgl9mRanmJwNSEw7gjXCdKdsHcEFgw8A1H6NvQTxaxjzqUoHckW4A=w1600Cooking Matters is a national curriculum that teaches the skills, knowledge and confidence to make healthy and affordable meals. The curriculum is implemented with the help of volunteer culinary and nutrition experts, like the crew from 18 Reasons. 18 Reasons is a nonprofit that brings people together to deepen relationships to food and to create a just and sustainable food system.

uN6Jj0kWKdcilR3gTN2MOTzSX3_UW31iM4ftC6-2mCcToDci5ZWrCJzg4ni9OlOLnQ=w1600The crew from 18 Reasons will work with the Cohort several times during the program, so look forward to future posts!

Iron Chef Cook-Off!

Our KoC 35 Cohort trainees had their final Cooking Matters class last Thursday.  The class gave the cohort an opportunity to show off their new skills in an Iron Chef cook-off!  The trainees were split into teams and had been designing their most tasty recipes since last Friday.


The final dishes were:

Santa Fe Chicken Tostadas with Fresh Mango Salsa

Sante Fe Chicken Tostadas

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

Stuffed Peppers


Shrimp Ceviche with Avacado


At the end of their cooking matters series the cohort received certificates!  Congratulations to all the trainees, and a big thank you to our wonderful partners at Cooking Matters (18 Reasons)

Kitchen of Champions CertificateFinished